Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"My Friend" and "My Sister"

Today while dropping Josef and Julia off at school I needed to change Beatrice's diaper. Josef's teachers invited me to use the changing table in the bathroom of his classroom so we entered. Josef proudly introduced Beatrice. His teachers asked him, "Is this your little sister?". He replied, "No, she is a baby!". This only further confirms my belief that Josef has a disconnect in the relationship world. While we had been in New York he would introduce Beatrice to passerbys stating, "This is my friend, Beatrice! That is my sister, Julia!". Apparently Beatrice is his friend and is a baby. Julia is his sister. I wonder if he realizes that Beatrice is going to be living in the family forever?!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Going Home

Going home. You always miss home most when you are unable to go home. Home just doesn't feel right when someone you love is not going to be there. When someone you love passes away and you know that they have gone home you can't help but desire to be with them. Home has shifted again. Home can feel somewhat elussive. Julia said today, "Charleston was fun, but home is the funnest! After all, home is where your heart is. So home can be a house, a building, or a manger!" I still call Maryland home though I've not held official residence there since highschool. After visiting "home" for a long period of time I always feel so happy to be back in my actual home. But then I find myself sitting here in my dining room in the early hours of Christmas Eve, staring into the living room being sad because I'm not "home" for Christmas. We hold on to things when we don't want to let go. Memories of "home". Holding on makes it hard. I'm sure that there is a message in the fact that God chose to send Jesus to us in a manger...a borrowed bed in a borrowed home. This world was never meant to be His home. We would not have salvation if He held on to things of this world. This world is not meant to be our home. So when a dear loved one passes from this world on to His eternal home I think He uses that to remind us of what our desire to be with HIM should be! A strong desire to be HOME with HIM. And any holding on to visions of what is or isn't right about the place we are currently calling our home might just be preventing us from placing our full attention on the GLORY of the Saviour who came to us in a borrowed home.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

the sky

Do you ever notice that when you travel from some place full of hills and mountains to some place that is generally flat and full of open space how much bigger the sky appears? This phenomenon happens when you are in a plane as well. In fact, it is even exaggerated as from the bird’s eye view within a plane looking down, those hills and mountains appear as small as ant hills. It dawned on me today as I sat in a chair in our bedroom, looking out the window at our steep hill of a back yard trying to see the sky above the tree line that my own ability to view a wide open relationship with God is often like living in the hills and mountains. So often I strain my neck looking high to the heavens asking, “Are you up there somewhere?” because all around me are hills of problems, mountains blocking a clear view of what I should do, and pathways to trod down that I am often uncertain of when the reality is that the sky is not smaller or larger based on topography, but the same size. Unchanging. HUGE! BEAUTIFUL! Full of sunrises, sunsets, shooting stars, and gorgeous cloud formations. And it is by choice that I can make my home in the holler of a mountain (for those WV folks who might be reading this), or in the open plains of God’s grandeur. The bottom line is that I need not strain my neck to see the sky. I pray that I might teach my children to have a bird’s eye view of their world and to soar in the open sky of God.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


For a special family treat, we decided to go to Hibachi for Josef and Beatrice's first Japanese steakhouse experience. This is a dining experience that most adults enjoy, but through the eyes of children becomes an even more thrilling experience. The anticipation built while watching the chefs prepare the food at other tables while patiently waiting for our own show. Josef liked drinking the soup straight out of the bowl. Julia enjoyed using her chopsticks to eat salad. Beatrice enjoyed playing with the Japanese spoons. Finally it was our turn. Our chef pulled out all of the tricks and jokes in the book. He even built an onion castle that then became a smoldering volcano. It was of course the big flame that caused the most excitement. To which Josef exclaimed, "Fireworks!"

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cow appreciation day

my own personal love of Chick-fil-A is now shared by my family. In honor of cow appreciation day and in order to earn a free meal Julia and I had fun making matching shirts and ears for all of us to wear. I think our efforts turned out pretty cute!

Beatrice is taking a stand...

...AND pulling herself up. Not bad for 7 1/2 months old!

the perfect slope for slip and slide

Our hill that was once thought a useless part of our back yard has become more useful every year thanks to our growing family. The first found use was wearing out the kids. After a few runs up and down the hill at the end of the day they pretty much spent their remaining energy. The second use was a great way to practice kicking a soccer ball as the hill is always happy to 'kick' the ball back. Our third use is by far our favorite: slip and slide!!!